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This is where announcements will be made for the most recent additions to the website. If you've visited it before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  

The website has changed.  It was previously know specifically as Eturnity Urns.  However, I wanted to combine all facets of my glass work so as to be available to a wider client base, and allow more choices.  All of my work with the pet and human urns is available on this site.  Just click on "Products", then "Eturnity Urns" (or each of these links) to view everything that has been available on the Etunrity Urns website. 

  • A new glass is currently available to be used as the "base" glass for the urns.  It is not mirrored like the previous "Base Color Selections", but is coated with a non see-through backing.   This glass has the texture of the "Top Color Selections" (like ice crystals on a window).  It is a beautiful glass and one that I am happy to offer as a new selection.  Click here to see the color options.
  • New products are being added to the "Glass Buddha" category regularly, click here to check out this link
  • 07-30-2014 - NEW!!!
    Can be designed for our human and pet loved ones.  See "STYLES"



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